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Well, it’s been awhile since I last wrote. You could say that it is because I am incredibly busy, but then you would be lying, because it was actually just that I decided I was over blogging. Over blogging, over trying to be a salesperson, over trying to have a business consisting of totally nonessential and inconsequential items i.e. “Crocheted Jewelry,” and lastly that I was over advertising. I am that person, that person that annoys you half to death until you finally just give into whatever it is that they are trying to get you to give in to. I am not her. Not now and frankly…not ever. So this whole “hey buy my jewelry it’s totally awesome and adorable and would look great on you!” thing, is just way out of my comfort zone.

I have, however, as you have probably already surmised (unlike today’s media executives, I do not automatically assume that my audience are a bunch of blubbering fools, I am sure you are all quite intelligent. And not, contrary to popular belief,  just because I am probably the only person that will ever read this.) that I have had quite a significant change of heart on these matters. It all happened because I debuted (meaning I wore in front of actual human beings) my newest addition to the “CAT loves Yarn” Collection, and it went over pretty well. I actually got some compliments on them. Oh by the way, the newest addition I am pretty sure I blogged about last time around. Pretty sure mind you. So I thought what the hey, I will give this another go and put in slightly more effort, even though putting in effort goes against my whole James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause, thing, that I so delusionally like to believe I have going on. 

Anywho, I don’t ACTUALLY have any yarn related news to relate to you. I do have a couple more styles that I crocheted (earrings, but of course) that I have yet to put up on the good ‘ol Etsy. That is because I created them right before I decided to let my jewelry business slowly and painfully DIE. But, we are back now and better than ever. Well, we are back. We are about the same as ever we were. No better, no worse. 

Since I don’t have any crochet news. I do have some sci-fi related news. (this blog isn’t called “CAT Loves Yarn…and Sci-Fi” for nothing pal!) Well calling it “News” may be a bit of an extreme exaggeration. It’s just more of funny or interesting or just things that make you go “Hm.” that I find that are sci-fi related. Well I mean for me most everything sci-fi related makes me go all giddy and school-girl like, but I just mean for the rest of the alleged “Normal” “Cool” population they may or may not be things that are funny or interesting or just make you go “Hm.” 

So awhile ago my friend Asia (who’s permission I do not have to be blogging about, but it doesn’t matter because no one reads this anyway) tweeted about this: Rugrats Dalek Easter Egg So the picture is from the kid show Rugrats, which I was obsessed with, to say the least, and maybe a little bit still obsessed with now considering I just got netflix and they are streaming ALL NINE SEASONS!!! (high pitched scream) Anyway in the episode in the picture I guess Chuckie is in a toy store and there are some Dalek’s in the background. If you don’t know what a dalek is…leave. No i’m kidding, stay, by all means. The Dalek’s are these bad guys from Doctor Who. I am pretty sure I have talked about them in the past and about potentially crocheting one, which I have yet to do. I have also talked about what Doctor Who is in the past. In case you don’t know. Anyway it was just really cool how my childhood obsession and my current ?adulthood? obsession have sort of collided in this really brilliant way. 

Also, I know i’ve have talked a lot and said nothing all at the same time so I will wrap it up, but I found this really cool thing. The Back to the Future Trilogy are debatably my favorite movies of all time and I found THIS: Marty McFly Jr. Hat ….uh enough said. This is heavy Doc!

By the way you guys should all follow my friend Asia on twitter. She is a really awesome artist and makes these really cool comics and stuff. 

Asia’s Twitter: @dasiavou

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